I Moved

December 28, 2008

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Women and Men

December 28, 2008

This morning, I heckled my husband until he got on the scale. I also calculated both of our BMIs. Dan hates me writing about him, so I’m not going to spill the beans about what he weighs today, but I will say that he is usually with me when I’m on reviewing meals and that he loves dessert more than anyone I’ve ever known. In the end, he said he would also like to lose a few pounds. The whole reason I asked him to weigh in is that I’d like some support in my efforts. When you have a buddy–someone who’s along for the weight-loss ride–it can be a huge help.

I don’t know if the wake up call provided enough motivation though. Not enough, certainly, to make him join the gym. It isn’t that he’s less overweight than me (in fact, my weight and BMI have gone up less than his since we met), it’s that he notices nothing different about the way the world regards him. Being a few pounds overweight for a man is nothing.

Like all men, Dan’s BMI would have to shoot well into the obesity range for him to experience the discrimination that women begin facing at a BMI of 27, according to this New York Times piece from back in March. My BMI is 26.4 but just a few months ago it was 27.3. And though I don’t exactly feel discriminated against, it is undeniable that people treat me differently than they did a few years ago.

In 2003, my BMI was 21. Often, running around in my size 10 jeans, I feel utterly invisable to woman and men alike. Rarely does anyone tell me I look good, and if they do it’s because I’m wearing makeup or a dress. At 123 pounds, wearing tiny designer jeans that actually look like doll pants to me now, I had everyone’s attention–bar tenders, cashiers, coworkers, fellow gym goers, morning commuters–in I way I simply don’t anymore. I had this temporary magnetism that was all about the size of my body.

As someone who spent a few years very thin, I know that there is a lot of power in thinness. Thinness in women is revered and even a little extra weight affects the way a woman goes through the world. But in men? Men can feel free to ignore their weight, their BMI, their health, their level of fitness, because no one even notices they are fat until they are morbidly obsese.

When I lost the weight back then, I was in graduate school. A woman professor chastised me for it. “What you are doing is politically incorrect,” she said. I’ve thought about that so many times since then. It was politically incorrect. I was sumbitting to a mysoginistic set of demands placed on women that are not placed on men.

It was wrong, and bad for me, and frankly I wish I didn’t know how differently people treat woman who are thin. I am not trying to fast my way into my old jeans. I would, however, like to get back into my healthy weight range. And I hope my husband is coming with me.


December 28, 2008

Dan really did hide the cookies, and they remain hidden. He’ll take them to his office tomorrow, where than can provide excess sugar and fat to his colleagues.

I was relieved to see the holiday gain seems to have leveled off. Tonight I’m off to a reviewing meal, but not until after I’ve made a big pot of healthy lentil soup for the week and gone to the gym …

Well, that was not what I was expecting this morning. I truly believed the holiday creep-up was over. Yesterday’s Xmas lunch leftovers were moderate; it’s true I stopped for oysters and just one beer on the way home from Jersey, but I went to the gym right after; and for dinner I had just a little leftover pizza. And one glass of wine.

But then I remembered the coconut cake we took from Christmas dessert. It was this coconut cake recipe from Alton Brown. Apparently, it’s a labor-intensive project that spans several days. I’ve never made it. But whatever it takes, it’s worth the effort because it is incredible. While we were plating ourselves that giant slice, I said to Dan: how about a few cookies? Is that excessive? He replied, “Yes, but it’s still the holidays.” Stupid christmas.


December 26, 2008

This is–I hope–the post-holiday high. We have just one more Christmas to go–lunch today–and when I get back, I’m going straight to the gym.


December 25, 2008

What a shock. Santa did not bring me the miracle of Christmas weight loss. And yesterday I only ate 12 butter-rich cookies, 11 stuffed mushrooms, 10 slices of pizza, 9 scoops of chai ice cream, 8 alcoholic beverages … and a partridge in a pear tree.

Merry X-mas!


December 24, 2008

I dreamed I weighed 156 last night–probably because I went to a party last night, drank several beverages, and ate 5 pounds of bad-for-me-food right before watching the first episode of Cowboy Bebop on DVD and going to sleep. All’s well that ends well. Now I’m frantically prepping my first annual Xmas eve pizza party.

Happy holidays! Don’t worry. I will weigh in tomorrow!