Too Fat for TV. Really?

December 10, 2008

Tina Fey kind of inspired me to start this blog. OK, well, the Vanity Fair article about her did. What really killed me about this piece was the relentless focus on her pre-TV weight loss. Apparently, she was unacceptably fat for television. When I look at the old “fat” photos of Tina, I feel extremely frustrated because what I see is a normal sized woman who is neither skinny or fat. That’s what I see when I look at myself, too. I had an especially strong reaction to the story because I while I now resemble the old Tina, there was a time when my body was more like the skinny Tina. I remember being a size 4, which for me meant skipping dinner a few nights a week, turning down invitations to pretty much all social events, and avoiding alcohol at all costs. I wonder what Tina Fey has to give up to be thin enough for TV. I wonder if she ever considered what a positive affective it might have had on all women, but especially young women, to have a beautiful, normal-sized woman on TV. Thinking about the fact that she had to be thin to be successful really made me depressed as I wondered what opportunities I might never have because of my wieght.


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