Painful Choices

December 11, 2008

I was at Kanella for lunch today, after not eating breakfast for the second day in row. (This breakfast skipage is not a weight loss tactic; it’s just that Dan had to work super early the past two days and I’m unmotivated in the morning to cook for myself.) Anyway, I was starving and the new lunch menu had a leek-cheese fritter dish that sounded amazing. And fattening. And since I wasn’t working and there was no professional obligation to eat anything in particular, I ordered the avgolemono, a seriously delicous and lemony Greek chicken and rice soup. It tastes pretty healthy. Now though, I feel hungry. We have homemade pizza planned for dinner. There is certain to be one glass of red wine involved. Also: I did not go to the gym today. I didn’t sleep enough, I didn’t have breakfast, and I walked (briskly!) to Kanella and back, which was at least 45 minutes. And yet still I hope to weigh less than 152 tomorrow. Just for the record, I am only trying to keep my weight south of 150 for the time being.


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