December 12, 2008

So many “experts” who talk about managing your weight advise against getting on the scale everyday for what are pretty obvious reasons. The number varies a lot based on things like what you last ate and water retention and I think even the humidity or air pressure. Furthermore, many people get so hung up on the number that the whole day rises or falls on those digits alone. That’s not the case with  me. I get that the digital readout I see each morning is subject to the vaugeries of the universe to a small extent. But disaster ensues when I don’t step on the scale. So many people have said to me over the years “I just go by clothes.” Sounds good in theory, but that doesn’t work for me. Let’s say a particular pair of pants feels a bit snug. What will I do? Wash them and then leave the to “dry” on the drying rack indefinitely. Or shuffle the offending garment to the back of the closet. This doesn’t happen on conscious level–I’m not even aware that I’m doing it. But that’s why “going by my clothes” will never work for me. The only times I’ve ever lost weight involved a long term commitment to get on the scale daily. In fact, that’s the only way I’ve ever been able to prevent weight gain. If I don’t literally watch my weight, it shoots up. Behind my back. So no matter how much I don’t want to weigh myself, it has to be done. It’s for my own good.


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