December 16, 2008

Will I ever see the south side of 150 again? I’m really hoping to. I know one thing that would help a lot: if I stopped drinking. I love beer and wine and have one to three glasses most days. That’s between 150 and 450 extra calories a day. If if just stopped drinking, I’d theoretically lose two and half pounds a month. So why can’t I do it? I love milkshakes, yet I drink a milkshake maybe once every three years because I know I can’t afford milkshake calories in my life. I know I make it impossible for myself to lose weight with the alcoholic beverages so why can’t I just give them up–at least temporarily?

I’ve thought about this so many times and the answers are varied. Chiefly, I love drinking. There are few things as much fun for me as having a drink (or three) with a friend at a bar people watching and shooting the breeze.

Also, there’s work. The beverage program is an important part of a restaurant; it’s always enlightening to see how it’s handled and how well the list pairs with the food. But another aspect of the wine/work connection is that drinking is a forceful social currency. I’ve never had an important networking moment in my life that didn’t happen over drinks. This is a constant source of frustration for me. I get angry at the people I know who don’t have to wrangle with this issues because they are either naturally thin or functional anorexics. I pout. I whine to myself: it’s not fair. But night falls, Dan comes home from work, we go out (or stay home) and a drink for me must be poured. I used to worry that I could become an alcoholic. But I rarely have more than three drinks and when I do I’m crippled with a hangover. I don’t have a drinking problem, in the addiction sense, but I do have a calorie problem, and lots of calories in my life come from booze.


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