Workout Soundtrack

December 17, 2008

When I go to the gym, I don’t lift weights like I know I should. I make a beeline for the cardio machines believing–maybe wrongly–that it’s the best way to burn calories. Lucky for me, I love doing cardio. I’m not one of those people who dreads the gym and suffers through every minute. My MP3 player is a crucial tool for powering my workouts and enjoying them more. I can’t discover workout-friendly songs to download fast enough. Highlights from my current playlist include: Britney Spears’ Womanizer, Beyonce’s  Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), and pretty much all the uptempo tracks on Katy Perry’s album.

I know this music is cheesy and bad and I have a different set of tunes I listen to at other times, but nothing motivates to move faster and work harder than catchy pop music. Anyone have any songs they like for running or the gym lately? Let me know in the comments.


4 Responses to “Workout Soundtrack”

  1. I do cardio to albums, believe it or not. It’s a great way to keep going when running loooooooong distances — albums by matt pond PA, Pete Yorn and Guster seem to do the trick for me.

    But you gotta lift weights! It’s such a good stress buster…believe me 🙂

  2. joymanning Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Jen. I’m going to try those artists out. Any specific albums I should get?

    I believe you about lifting weights-I think I could do it if I had a buddy. But I look at the weights and I have less than no idea what to do with them. Plus, they are heavy. And I’m a wimp.

  3. Nicole Says:

    When I was a gym rat I always found that good old bubble-gum pop did the trick for my time on the elliptical. If it gets your head bopping, it’s a pretty good bet that it’ll keep your legs churning, and then there’s the bonus of singing along in your head. Here are some of my artists of choice:

    Justin Timberlake
    Britney Spears

  4. Audrey Says:

    I love that in addition to being my makeup twin, you’re also my newly discovered cardio tune twin! How have we been gym buddies for almost two years and not known of our affinity for pop music on the elliptical?

    I suggest a gym mix swap. And South Philly spinning. What’s your Saturday looking like?


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