Motivated by Cabbage

December 19, 2008

Really, what situation can not be improved by going to the gym? Earlier today, my productivity outlook seemed bleak. But then I read this little article/recipe in the NY Times and motivation seized me. Since I’m out picking up a head a cabbage, might as well go to the gym anyway, right? Now–cabbage in hand, workout done–I feel like a new person.

I like these Recipes for Health that run in the Times, though I typically devise a way to make them more delcious and a little less healthy. I plan to turn this vegan lentil/potato/cabbage stew into a lentil/chorizo/extra potato/cabbage stew that even my cabbage-hating husband will like.

Stay tuned … my version of this dish is likely to become next week’s Meat Lite recipe on Serious


One Response to “Motivated by Cabbage”

  1. […] want to see the 140s today? Not enough to skip the wine. Not enough to eat the last of the “health stew” for […]

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