154 or Dan, Can You Hide the Cookies?

December 27, 2008

Well, that was not what I was expecting this morning. I truly believed the holiday creep-up was over. Yesterday’s Xmas lunch leftovers were moderate; it’s true I stopped for oysters and just one beer on the way home from Jersey, but I went to the gym right after; and for dinner I had just a little leftover pizza. And one glass of wine.

But then I remembered the coconut cake we took from Christmas dessert. It was this coconut cake recipe from Alton Brown. Apparently, it’s a labor-intensive project that spans several days. I’ve never made it. But whatever it takes, it’s worth the effort because it is incredible. While we were plating ourselves that giant slice, I said to Dan: how about a few cookies? Is that excessive? He replied, “Yes, but it’s still the holidays.” Stupid christmas.


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