I’m a 31 year old woman who has struggled with weight and body image issues since preschool. Oh, and I’m also a restaurant reviewer, cookbook author, and all-around food writer–a career path that makes maintaining a healthy weight more of a challenge than it has ever been.

Late this summer, my wedding band got too tight. It was right around the time I went to Le Bec-Fin, Vetri, and Talula’s Table all in the same week. After of months with my head in the sand, I decided to hop on the scale. I weighed 159 pounds. (When I first got into food writing I weighed about 135.) I’m only 5 foot 4 inches tall. I lost about 10 pounds, just enough to wear my wedding ring again, and have been weighing myself daily since.

This blog is a promise to myself that I’ll report what I weigh today, everyday. I am not dieting. (I don’t eat fake or processed foods of any kind, but especially not “lite” foods.) I’m trying to figure out what is a sane, stable, healthy weight that I can maintain for the rest of my eating, cooking, restaurant-centric life.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Jax Says:

    Good luck, Joy! I tried blogging my weight once, but I got too frustrated 🙂 I would suggest trying http://www.myfooddiary.com as well – it might be helpful to you.

  2. Gabrielle Says:

    You’re so brave and awesome, Joy!!

  3. Marisa Says:

    You’re so brave! I was skinny all of my life and then recently got diagnosed with a tricky little condition that requires occasional oral steroids to control. I’m 5’1″ and went from about 100 pounds to 131. Being a chef doesn’t help.

  4. Rumi Says:

    Good luck, take-charge lady! I admire your proactivity, dedication and bravery; the restaurants sure don’t make it easy, I well know. I’m totally with you @ ‘lite’- faux sugar creeps me out bad.

  5. joymanning Says:

    Aw, thanks guys!

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