December 21, 2008

Where did all those cookies go? I did have leftover (superlight and healthy) stew for dinner. I expect to eat at home today, too, so maybe tomorrow I’ll see the 140s. I have no meals planned today, which could lead to some fattening delivery later, but I intend to work it out in the next half hour. I’m definitely going to Whole Foods.

Dan and I were talking last night about how we plan meals out days–and sometimes a whole week–in advance. Before I got in the restaurant reviewing business, we’d plan what we were going to eat for the week, make a shopping list, and do advance prep on the weekends. And as laborious as that sounds, it’s the easiest way to keep your meals delicious and healthy and prevent emergency calls to El Jarocho or Ekta.

Tomorrow begins the official holiday crazies. I have given myself the week off–from work, not this blog. (Really, who will be in their offices anyway?) There’s quite a bit of planning and cooking in store for me…


Reality Check

December 18, 2008

OK, so I just returned from a reviewing meal and, just for laughs, after typing up my notes, I decided to calculate about how many calories were put on our table …. not including bread and butter.

The grand total?

7,021 calories.

I would say between the two of us we ate about half of what we were served, or around 1,755. Let’s call it 2,00 calories apiece–with bread.

Painful Choices

December 11, 2008

I was at Kanella for lunch today, after not eating breakfast for the second day in row. (This breakfast skipage is not a weight loss tactic; it’s just that Dan had to work super early the past two days and I’m unmotivated in the morning to cook for myself.) Anyway, I was starving and the new lunch menu had a leek-cheese fritter dish that sounded amazing. And fattening. And since I wasn’t working and there was no professional obligation to eat anything in particular, I ordered the avgolemono, a seriously delicous and lemony Greek chicken and rice soup. It tastes pretty healthy. Now though, I feel hungry. We have homemade pizza planned for dinner. There is certain to be one glass of red wine involved. Also: I did not go to the gym today. I didn’t sleep enough, I didn’t have breakfast, and I walked (briskly!) to Kanella and back, which was at least 45 minutes. And yet still I hope to weigh less than 152 tomorrow. Just for the record, I am only trying to keep my weight south of 150 for the time being.