December 28, 2008

Dan really did hide the cookies, and they remain hidden. He’ll take them to his office tomorrow, where than can provide excess sugar and fat to his colleagues.

I was relieved to see the holiday gain seems to have leveled off. Tonight I’m off to a reviewing meal, but not until after I’ve made a big pot of healthy lentil soup for the week and gone to the gym …


Well, that was not what I was expecting this morning. I truly believed the holiday creep-up was over. Yesterday’s Xmas lunch leftovers were moderate; it’s true I stopped for oysters and just one beer on the way home from Jersey, but I went to the gym right after; and for dinner I had just a little leftover pizza. And one glass of wine.

But then I remembered the coconut cake we took from Christmas dessert. It was this coconut cake recipe from Alton Brown. Apparently, it’s a labor-intensive project that spans several days. I’ve never made it. But whatever it takes, it’s worth the effort because it is incredible. While we were plating ourselves that giant slice, I said to Dan: how about a few cookies? Is that excessive? He replied, “Yes, but it’s still the holidays.” Stupid christmas.


December 26, 2008

This is–I hope–the post-holiday high. We have just one more Christmas to go–lunch today–and when I get back, I’m going straight to the gym.


December 25, 2008

What a shock. Santa did not bring me the miracle of Christmas weight loss. And yesterday I only ate 12 butter-rich cookies, 11 stuffed mushrooms, 10 slices of pizza, 9 scoops of chai ice cream, 8 alcoholic beverages … and a partridge in a pear tree.

Merry X-mas!


December 24, 2008

I dreamed I weighed 156 last night–probably because I went to a party last night, drank several beverages, and ate 5 pounds of bad-for-me-food right before watching the first episode of Cowboy Bebop on DVD and going to sleep. All’s well that ends well. Now I’m frantically prepping my first annual Xmas eve pizza party.

Happy holidays! Don’t worry. I will weigh in tomorrow!


December 23, 2008

I am calling my efforts to avoid gaining holiday weight successful so far. Everyone knows it’s impossible to lose weight during the holidays.

I had planned to finish up a writing project this morning and then go shopping in Center City for a couple of outfits I can feel good about wearing at various events in the next week.

Historically, I only shop when I’m thinner. Over the years this has resulted in a wardrobe that doesn’t fit most of the time. I have numerous items I bought when the scale hit some new low and then I subsequently wore just once–that one day it fit. I have clothes in sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10 and only the size 10 items fit. Of course, those are the ones I have the fewest of. I do get into size 12 territory. Those are the times I stick to pajamas and sweatpants.

Nice, flattering clothes that fit make everyone look thinner. But I stop myself from shopping because I tell myself I’m just about to lose 10 pounds. So I resolved to go out today, take advantage of the sales and buy some things I feel good wearing. Now it’s just the fact that its 19 degrees that keeps me from heading out …


December 22, 2008

Really, I’ve eaten enough cookies. Stacked up on our kitchen table, we have two types of shortbread cookies, chocolate cookies, Italian cookies, oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies, and merginues. I have “sampled” each variety. For, you know, quality control. No more cookies.

I missed the gym yesterday and we ended up ordering takeout from Ekta–samosas and  vegetable curry for me. (But I only ate half; the rest is for dinner tonight.) I also polished off a half bottle of red in the cooking/eating process. So how much did I really want to see the 140s today? Not enough to skip the wine. Not enough to eat the last of the “health stew” for dinner.

Today I’m finishing up work projects and continuing on with cooking for Wednesday. No matter what happens, I’m going to go to spinning at 6:15. Spinning or bust!